Don't wish for what you think is attainable, wish and dream for those things you feel are out of reach.

It's amazing how many people will be sceptical of your dreams, and try to talk you out of doing them. And while some will back us up, others will secretly wait for our failure. I've learned in life to grab the bull by its horns and run with it, if you have something you always wanted to do, or learn, or experience, don't let other people talk you out of something, think big, and believe in yourself, before you know it you could be reaching goals higher than you once thought possible.

In the past when I wanted to move to NYC, everyone was worried and skeptical, yet I had the some of the most exciting, glamorous, alive days of my life for 12 years living there.

I wanted to write 4 novels on a 2 month trip, a literary agent advised me to just try and finish one book, well guess what Mister... I wrote all 4 novels in 2 and a half months.

I wanted to run away to the jungle and live there for 3 months. Friends said I would come back crying in a week, afraid of the dark, the bugs, and being alone. Yes it was a bit scary at first, but in the end I loved it so much I want to buy land there, and I met my husband there.

I wanted to become a flight attendant, my high school teacher talked me down saying 200 reasons I would never make it as a flight attendant, well I got a job as one at the age of 19, started a new airline, and was number 2 in a brand new company.  I quit a few years later after becoming a supervisor.

I wanted to do long distance with my fling I met in Costa Rica, New York to Montreal... they all said it would never work out, we married a year later, 2 years later I immigrated to Canada, and we are happier than ever.

I wanted to start a small business, some of my friends laughed, good luck with that, now when I go out with my business card, and my business is a growing success.


I believe in doing in life what makes you the happiest, and hopefully it will rub off on others, and everyone will be happy and supportive. Having a dream is what makes me get up in the morning and it is what I fall asleep to, making dreams turn into reality can be journeys in themselves, but what is the destination without the journey?

Here are some upcoming dreams and goals of mine

  • Get a distributor for my product line
  • Get my product on the Doctor OZ show
  • Find that perfect apartment that is big enough for my own office and all my clothes
  • Get the perfect little wheaten terrier
  • Learn how to surf and get the waves on my own without an instructor
  • Buy a villa in Costa Rica
  • Publish my book
  • Learn French fluently
  • Buy a castle in Europe with my husband and turn it into a hotel
  • Volunteer in Thailand with my favorite animal the elephants for 3 weeks
  • Have a baby not give into all those cravings, eat super healthy, that will be hard ;}
  • Acheive all my goals so that I can come up with bigger ones
  • Sell a screenplay I wrote

What are your goals? Please share, so we can all send you happy thoughts :}


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