Some things I miss about New York City

Oh New York, New York. It was like a dream, that I had the chance to live there for 12 years, all my twenties. At the age of 10 I went to New York in the 80's it was quite different back then, and I said Mom someday I'm moving to New York City. She advised me to get that idea out of my head because it was too far away from my small town farm in the midwest, too scary, and too expensive. Well as luck would have it at the age of 19 I got an airline job that transfered me straight to NYC, I didn't even have to take a bus, I got t0 fly away to my dream city in less than an hour.

New York had her moments, I've been homeless and couch surfing, mugged and kicking myself in the butt for taking that quiet street late at night, out of a job and in despair, date raped and fixed on the fact I will never meet a normal man, but I never felt so alive as when I lived in that spontanious, adrenaline pumping, glamourous city. Sure I've hopped over garbage and homeless people in my designer heels, but I was on my way to some of the best nights one can remember. Nights were you go to meet a friend for a beer at a local bar and you randomly end up with celebrities in a private event  hours later. I've met some of the most influential and interesting people in New York. I've eaten some of the best food in the city, and had some of the best times when I was broke, you never seem to get bored in New York, if you do... there is something wrong with you.

As life goes I got fed up with my city, same song and dance, but too scared to leave permanently. In my late twenties I had an early mid life crisis where I ran down to the jungle of Costa Rica alone to ground myself, figure out my life's course, and write some books. As luck would have it while I was writing a romance novel I found myself in my own romance with my now husband I met down south. After two years of long distance I finally relocated at the age of 30 to another great city Montreal. Montreal is charming, French, and laid back, it's a refreshing change of pace from the hustle and bustle, but somedays I just miss some simple things from NYC.

1.) My apt was on 88th so I could walk a few blocks down to 86 street for some Shake Shack burgers then onto Pinkberry. oh yes and don't forget Gray's Papaya Hot Dog Stand,

2.) Everything delivers. Not that I'm lazy, but groceries, you forgot something at the drug store, hungover and want Mc Donalds or some diner food, late night cravings, condoms, what you need is waiting for you to just pick up the phone and order.

3.) Central park my backyard for 12 years. Somedays I'd visit the zoo and see the polar bear just because. Other days I'd layout and write in the afternoon with a bottle of wine, and everyday I ran around the resevoir, just a 8 min walk from my apartment.

4.) The energy. You feel it once you land in the city, boom! It's like I'm back in action, walk faster, talk faster, I feel like I can take on the world!

5.) Random days where I don't have much to do and get just walk around different neighborhoods and people watch and find new spots to hang out. There are so many cools places in nyc.

6.) Weekend Brunch Parties, New Yorkers know how to party, weekends we sleep in just a bit, and can find our way to low key brunches at local spots 12 bucks for brunch with 2 free drinks, or step it up a notch and go down to SOHO for some champange showers!!

7.) The flower shops on every corner, the flowers are always fresh and not too expensive.

8.) Quick metro system, bam you get everywhere in the city in 20-30.

9.) The fact I can drink as much as my liver can handle and there will be a cabbie to drive me home! No DUI and no need to worry about seeing double, makes going out a bit more fun and free.

10.) Spontenity of the city, you can jump from one neighborhood to another, one minute be in a work meeting in Midtown, next minute you are downtown catching up with friends who are free to hang its great.

11.) So many different groups of friends. I didn't have just one group of friends. I had my artsy friends, my clubbing buddies, my lets chill in park friends, work out partners, work buddies, networking friends, friends of friends who i liked but didn't see often, friends at classes I took like dance, or yoga.

12.) People watching, so many different people in New York, people pissed off, crazy people, people in love, so much to see and you don't have to pay for it.

13.) The empire state building and how it changes colors depending on what month, or holiday it is.

14.) Can't believe I didn't write this earlier, the PIZZA! OMG i want some now!!

15.) You can get away sometimes with not smiling at someone, or being angry, or aggressive, it is what it is, and yeah sometimes when your frusterated at the world, it feels good to elbow that person next to you in the subway... just saying im a friendly girl and i've done it :}

16.) The connections.... Never burn a bridge it will come back to haunt you. But ohhhh the connections, you always meet someone who knows someone who can help you or wants to introduce you to their friend who does this, yada yada, its non stop and its amazing.

17.) The hustle, NYC made me work my ass off. I knew what it was like to work 3-4 jobs, pursue my passions at the same time, pay off bills, pay rent, I turned into an adult and learned what it was like to really live in the real world, no time to slack off here. You slack, you might find yourself packing up your bags and going home, or worse moving to Jersey!! (sorry all you New Jersey folks)

18.) Friends for life, I miss my friends, all of our daily inside jokes, and the stabality of our friendship. If you make friends in New York they will last a life time. You don't need to see them every week, or every month, once you make that connection and stay in touch they are so loyal. Everyone has their own stuff going on, but when push comes to shove, and you need them they are there in a heart beat.

19.) Being able to walk everywhere, not only do you burn calories, but you just jump around, drop off mail at post office, go to bank, grab lunch, pick up groceries, its fun jumpping all over the place and you have great legs and meet people.

20.) Diversity of night life that doesn't stop, from laid back hipster live music venues, to posh clubs, dive bars, artsy hangouts, there is just soo much to do.

Ironically I now have a skin care line and my clients are in NYC so I have an excuse to go back and visit for "work" and my friends are awesome, they let me crash at their places. When I go back it feels like nothing has changed, except for the fact I now feel like I have the best of both worlds.

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  1. star58

    New York City sounds like an exciting place to be. I’m not usually a huge fan of big cities, but you can find some of the best foods there. I really enjoy finding little hole in the wall restaurants that have amazing food and almost no place to sit.

    September 03, 2014
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    January 19, 2017