Best Destinations 2012

Wondering where to plan your next trip! This Best destinations awards are out!

In Central America a few of my favorites won, #3 Panama City, I was plesantly surprised for a third world country how nice this city was, from sky scrapers, to the canal, and shopping and beaches, it is on my top list. Don't forget to go to the Spanish quarters.

#25 sad it was so low on the list Montezuma Costa Rica, I live there a few months a year. The town is way way off the beaten path, sleepy, yet tons of activities to do in the day and action at the local bar at night, when you finally get there you feel like you are worlds away from home.


#1 NYC my old home, and I would have to agree everyone should visit atleast once in their lifetime. It is quite the experience.

#8 Seattle, always wanted to visit this city, there is some appeal it has to me.

#24 Charleston South Carolina, I used to live down  there, it is a nice, laid back, beach town with great architecture, friendly people, and amazing southern food.


World top destinations

#1 LONDON? really? Not sure why, maybe I'll have to visit, maybe I'm being biased it beat NYC, but really London #1 in the world, was this a British writer who wrote the article?

#3 when in ROME! Love Rome, so romantic, historic, and tons to do, great food, lively locals, and a gorgeous setting, when am I going back? ahhhh

#8 Barcelona, I feel almost the same love as I do for Rome. Barcelona is spicy with its Spanish locals, great wine, tapas on every corner, and amazing buildings, nothing beats a great city with a beach, I would live in the city, its awesome.

#19 Shanghai China, just got back a wee ago, and yeah it is insane. The city is growing by the minute, tons of buildings, traffic, people, its wild how fast its growing. Cons are the smog, and the crazy drivers, but its a far away destination that is very cool to visit.


Where is your next trip? Or your dream trip :}

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