9/11 I will never forget

My thoughts go out to everyone who was effected by this tradgic day. I was a flight attendant at the time working out of Boston that morning. After take off the captain informed  me we had to do an immediate emergancy landing, our landing gear was stuck down. Turns out the terrorists had locked out landing gear down, so we would have to do an emergancy landing back into Boston while they stole our flight pattern, that was intended over New York City and down to Raleigh Duram. They were the plane that took off directly before us. Moments later on that calm, beautiful, autumn day, in the crew room of Boston I watched in dismay as the USA was attacked. My apartment in the city was just three blocks from the world trade center, and the stench of burnt skin lingered in the area for over a year. My heart goes out to all the families whos loved ones were taken by this somber day, and those brave individuals and firefighters who gave their lives humbly without thinking twice. Although its been 11 years it still feels like yesterday, and I will never forget.


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